Automatic doors, yes.

In Japan, taxis are absolutely everywhere – Tokyo alone has over 50,000 of them and most drivers use a very specific car, the Toyota Comfort. Taxi rides aren't super cheap but do provide an efficient and simple way to get to wherever you need to go, especially when you're hauling large bags around.

Good to know

Somewhat confusingly, taxis have a sign in the front window displaying 空車 in red if they're available, and 賃走 in green if they're occupied.

You can flag down a taxi pretty much everywhere. Right in the middle of a busy intersection? Not a problem.

Many taxis will accept credit cards and suica cards, especially in urban areas, but not all do. Check for card logos prior to entering the car if you're out of cash.

No need to tip, anytime. If you leave change and exit the car, the driver will run after you to deliver the money left behind.

The left-hand side door is opened automatically by the driver. Nice.

Japanese taxis are safe and reliable. You won't need to figure out what companies are decent, just get in any cab and you're good.

Drivers don't speek much english, typically. Have the address or a map good to go on your smartphone, that usually does the trick.