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So, these pages are pretty much what you'd get if we met at a bar and, maybe after a few drinks, you asked me to do a quick run down of a couple of suggestions on where to stay and what to do when going to Japan. And a few good things to keep in mind while you're there. It's by no means a be-all, end-all type guide. But it's what I got. Enjoy.

If you're in a rush, here's a quick summary with all essentials covered.


Let's get to it...



If you're in a rush, check this page. It has all the basics and links to more details if and when you need them. Go nuts.

Before you go

Things to consider and understand before jumping on a plane to Japan. The exact type of wall socket you'll encouter, and more.

When you get there

You've touched down. You want to operate smoothly. Here's what you need to know.


Getting around

Getting that Rail Pass, speeding through a subway gate or jumping into a taxi — it's all covered.

Places to stay

Mandarin Oriental, basic APA Hotels and everything in between. Here's an overview and specific recommendations in Toyko and elsewhere.


Tokyo is sort of like being right inside an 8K resolution video stream with the saturation cranked up to 11. It's awesome.


The Onsen experience

Immersing yourself in a steaming hotspring bath is pretty much the best thing ever. Where to go and how to


The most southern of Japan's three main island, Kyushu is a lush and pretty neat place to be. Lots of onsens and relaxing train routes.



Tokyo – Yudanaka – Kyoto – Fukuoka – Kagoshima. Either straight up use this as your travel plan or have it be a starting point for your own setup. 



Japan is an insanely fascinating country. 

Here's a slightly random collection of links to videos, blogs, photos and all sorts of other things. 


Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo


View from the Andaz Hotel, Tokyo

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