Hong Kong

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong Top
My favorite hotel alongside the Park Hyatt Seoul, located on floors 102 through 118 of the ICC tower. Views are stunning from all over the place, be it rooms, restaurants or the insane outdoor jacuzzi (my favorite pool on the planet, by the way). Feels a bit like touching the sky. Service is great but sometimes a bit rushed, as you might expect with Ritz-Carlton properties. [last visited: 2018]

Mira Moon | Mid | Review
Great hotel, my favorite not-really-luxury-but-still-fairly-upscale hotel in Hong Kong. [last visited: 2015]

Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui | Mid
Good location and the club level breakfast is really quite nice. Overall though, this Hyatt property provides a fairly detached experience, not bad at all but it's clearly a Regency level hotel. Suites facing the Hong Kong island are quite nice, though. [last visited: 2013]

Regal Airport Hotel | Basic
Pretty much your typical airport hotel. Conveniently attached to the main terminal building. It gets the job done, efficiently and with decent service. [last visited: 2018]


Park Hyatt Shanghai | Top
World's second highest hotel, occupying floors 79 through 93 of the SWFC tower. Insane views, good service, and the pool area is really quite something. Good burger in the lobby, too. [last visited: 2017]

Andaz Shanghai | Top
As always, the Andaz experience is quite a bit different from your average Hyatt property. Getting a chilled diet coke while they run the check-in is a nice touch and sodas are free to grab whenever you want. If you happen to find a few bathroom design similarities between this hotel and Park Hyatt Seoul, it's no coincidence, Super Potato did the interior design for both properties. Great place. [last visited: 2012]