TAT Nail Shop (and Estessimo Tins) in Shibuya, Tokyo

The Basics

Getting hold of Estessimo Tins nail polish can be a bity tricky, but if you're in Tokyo and want to get yourself a few bottles – or if you want to track down the TAT nail store in Shibuya – here's how.

TAT Nail Store, Shibuya

When I was passing through Tokyo recently, Zara, a friend of mine back home, asked me to get her a few bottles of Estessimo Tins nail polish. Tracking down where to get them, and how to get to there, turned out to be quite tricky. Zara eventually managed to get hold of an equally devoted nail art fan with just the right knowledge, and she pointed me towards the TAT nail store in Shibuya, Tokyo. Just in case anyone else might be on a similar quest, either trying to get hold of Estessimo Tins or wanting to find the Shibuya branch of TAT, I thought it might be a good idea to post a bit of info about the whole thing. If you want to dive straight into the how-to-get-there part, it's further down at the end of this post. Once you get there, this is what you see:

And below, the Esetessimo Tins section:

A few additional pics, simply click to enlarge (apologies for the picture quality, most of these were shot with a cell phone):

Getting there

Start by making your way to Shibuya station. Depending on what line you arrive on there will be different sets of exit options, but we'll assume you end up right on Shibuya Crossing facing north towards Tsutaya and Starbucks. First, make your way up towards the Shibuya 109 building on your left, heading east. Walk past the 109 building on the left side and continue along the street as it makes a slight left bend. Make sure you're on the sidewalk on your left hand side. 


When you get to where the red marker is on the map, look for the building with a TAT sign (it's the white, tall sign in the pic to the left), then look for the entrance pictured to the right. It's a non-descript entrance with absolutely no sign of there being a TAT nail store inside, but don't worry, you're right where you're supposed to be.

Head for the elevators straight ahead and go up to the third floor (or 3F in Japanese floor speak). There are multiple sets of elevators and if you happen to face a dental clinic when exiting, make a left and TAT will be a few steps down the corridor. Should you end up on a different floor with no TAT in sight, just ask any human being around as they will happily guide you to the right floor.

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