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Austin + Hyuna

It's around 2am and I'm in a tiny, dark venue a few blocks north of 6th street in Austin, Texas. Hyuna suddenly appears, runs through a short, intense fifteen-minute set, and then it's all over.

Still, so worth it.

(And recently, things have been insanely hectic with all work, no play, and no love given to these pages. I'll try to make up for it over the next few months.)

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Austin + SXSW

Over the last few days I've been spending some time in Austin, Texas. South by Southwest, a conference slash festival mashup of sorts, brings together a bazillion people in music, film and IT. Serendipity levels go up to 11 and you constantly run into random people, having weird conversations about topics you never knew existed, and suddenly end up spending an hour talking to a woman deeply involved in curating documentary films for public screenings, walk along a busy street filled with people and hipster hot dog stands, stumble upon a place with awesome live music, and you wake up insanely tired wondering what you got yourself into but quickly come to your senses realizing the only sane thing to do is making sure you come back next year.

PhotosC ProjectAustin, USA