MUC + Running

I’m flying in from Vienna on an Embraer. We’re touching down in Munich, it’s 7pm, my connecting flight leaves in 25 minutes. Tight. Breaks come on, plane does a right turn, passing the terminal, crap, remote stand. The seatbelt sign is off. I’m in 24A. There’s a Mercedes lined up outside and for a few biref moments I’m hoping it’s mine but then reality hits me. It’s not. I walk the aisle, bye bye, down the stairs, any transportation for the Kiev flight, nope. One tiny bus for everyone. I get onboard. She’s driving fast, 15 min to go, boarding should have closed ages ago.

Doors open. I run inside, up the escalator, ecscuse me, the elderly man can’t hear me, his wife pulls his coat and he steps aside. The remaining steps are done in a seconds, H gates that way, got it, right turn, I keep running. Up another escalator. People are stepping aside. Thanks. New right turn, boom, passport control. Absolutely packed. I decide not to cut the queue, should be fine. The line next to me moves fast, mine doesn’t. I’m jumping up and down. Queue starts moving again, slowly, then faster, then it’s me, I’m through. A moment of confusion, ah, there we are, H gates in sight, I start running. All that cardiac training has done good and my red Onitsuka Tigers are doing a great job downstairs. They’re light. I’m crazy fast. Big Timbuk2 bag on my shoulder, packed with stuff, no worries, I have it stabilized. I’m used to running through airports.

A voice on the speakers says the flight to Kiev is doing immediate boarding, I keep running and somehow forget to slow down as I come off the moving walkway, whoa, I fly off, but everything’s under control, hard left turn and the gate is all empty. The gate agent says Kiev? I tell him yes, catching my breath, smiling, he says lovely! I’m in. Bus moves, back on the tarmac, remote stand, up the stairs, flight attendant says good evening, 6F.

Nice. Earbuds in. Taru – Night flying. And we’re off. Not too bad, after all.