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It's a Sony.

Sony is replacing their good old building in Ginza, Tokyo, with a brand new and shiny one. And just before they start tearing down the current one they're running an exhibition with a really decent selection of Sony products having been launched over the years. Starting with the 1950's ranging right up to today. Really enjoyed it!

...and the last one is a bit meta. Shot with an RX1.

Getting There

The Sony Building is right next to the Ginza subway station, exit B9. Being teared down starting early spring of 2017.

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Brilliant looking lock mechanism, keeping your shoes safe in a box while you do the onsen thing. Close the door, pull out the wooden block and boom, that's your key.

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Floor no. 112

So yes, there are tons of hotels with decent views scattered across all sorts of places and yes, they might make you happy for a while, I guess, and it's all good, but not really in the jaw-dropping whoa-what-happened-to-my-eyeballs kind of way.

And then, there's this:

Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong, 112th floor. It's insane. And they do have that brilliant outdoor jacuzzi on the 118th floor, too.

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